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Skype: melissaxu2013
QQ: 2542654757
E-Mail: melissa.xu@x-waymedical.com
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Contact : Melissa Xu
Tel : +86 136-3280-3610
Skype : melissaxu2013
Wechat/whatsup: +86-136 3280 3610 
E-Mail: melissa.xu@x-waymedical.com
Address: 3F,South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Gankeng village, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China
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  Radiology & Imaging

Lucifugous lucifuge 0.2um 1.2um 5um IV infusion ABS Administration set filters with big filtration area for gravity system Photophobic lucifugal

Single use contrast media injection tubing tube XD 8151 for Ulrich CT Injector system

24H Multi-patient Pump tubing for CT motion Contrast media injector Ulrich XD 8003 XD8003 pump hose MRI 24Hours

18G 20G 22G 24G High pressure 350psi CTA MRI Diagnostic checking imaging examination indwelling needle with single wing

77-530006 72 inch contrast agent administration sets, Standard Bore Vented Tubing with spike and roller clamp connecting tubing

77-530000 72 contrast agent Vented Standard Tubing with Macro Drip Chamber large bore fluid administration sets extension connecting tube

24h 24 hours connecting Injection Tubing System with drip chamber, CT contrast agent dual head injector extension tube kit

Low Pressure 330psi 350psi Connecting patient tubing for XD2035 150cm, XD10702 XD2045 320cm XD10701 XD2040 250cm, XD2030 120cm

CR DR CT MR DSA Ultrasound endoscopy imaging printing machine, black white color film printers inkjet laser OKI-941M

A4 laser Medical film printing OKI C-650 DN for B-ultrasound endoscope PET-CT and image diagnostic report printers with various film size box

MP5680 Medical diagnostic imaging inkjet printer, economy stability CT DR CR MRI DSA clinical report printing machine

Medical white laser printing film, ultrasound CR DR CT MR DSA ultrasound 3D reconstruction endoscopy imaging inkjet Films

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SHENZHEN X-WAY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Contact : Melissa Xu TEL/wechat/whatsup: 0086-136-3280-3610 Skype: melissaxu2013 Wechat: +86-136 3280 3610 Address: 3F,South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China

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