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Skype: melissaxu2013
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E-Mail: melissa.xu@x-waymedical.com
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Contact : Melissa Xu
Tel : +86 136-3280-3610
Skype : melissaxu2013
Wechat/whatsup: +86-136 3280 3610 
E-Mail: melissa.xu@x-waymedical.com
Address: 3F,South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Gankeng village, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China
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  Disposable & Consumable

Medical Industrial Beauty Tttoo Wooden Stick Multi-Use Applicator Stick prod, medicine applying Stirring Wood pegwood shopsticks

Sharp bevel Wooden Manicure Stick Nail Beauty Applications, Pedicure Wood skewer Podiatry Health prod pegwood chopsticks

Medical Wooden Specimen transfer veneer, medication mix beater puddler, clinical Lab sample dispensing splint blender, ice cream spoon

Medical Specimen transfer spreader plate spread device, wet medication delivery mix tool, wood chip scoop

White birch Wooden medication mixer beater, specimen dispensing rabbler ladle scraper blade, sampling drawknife slicker stirrer

Medical Wooden Specimen transfer scoop collection shovel, Wet Medication Mixtures Dispensing spoon,medicine gathering spade and scraping knife

Sterile Specimen collection wooden tongue blade depressor, Medical oral examination spatula Round Edge glossocatochus tongue-spatula

Stainless Steel Aluminum Shaft medical applicator swab bud, Cotton Rayon Polyester Sodium Tip Sterile specimen collector rod stick

High absorbent Clinic Hospital Cotton Regular Tipped swab bud, Rayon tip sample collector wooden Shaft Sterilization applicator stick

Cotton Swab Wooden PP Shaft for DNA diagnostic Specimen Collection Gynecological Screening, Throat Non-Sterile Polyester Tipped sample collection applicator

Sterile Wooden Shaft tip Cotton Swab bud for specimen collector, Sample taker non-Sterile Disposable Cotton rod stick Applicator Q-Tip

80mm 100mm 150mm Adult Children Nasal Virus Detection Foam Tip swab PP Rod, Disposable Sterile bacteria specimen stick

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SHENZHEN X-WAY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Contact : Melissa Xu TEL/wechat/whatsup: 0086-136-3280-3610 Skype: melissaxu2013 Wechat: +86-136 3280 3610 Address: 3F,South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China

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