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Contact : Melissa Xu
Tel : +86 136-3280-3610
Skype : melissaxu2013
Wechat/whatsup: +86-136 3280 3610 
E-Mail: melissa.xu@x-waymedical.com
Address: 3F,South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Gankeng village, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China
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  Disposable & Consumable

F Series 100mm 125mm Single wheel Central Locking Caster, Nylon PA6 Total and free movement lock Castor


Series:  F Series,  Single Wheel Central Locking Caster

Product Name:  F Series 100mm 125mm Single wheel Central Locking Caster, Nylon PA6 Total and free movement lock Castor

Item No.  











Code:  125C :  Wheel Diameter 125mm

WG: Color White+Grey

          D32X50 : Pole Diameter 32mm , Height 50mm

Casters Used For: Air compressor apparatus caster, Air Oxygen machine equipment wheel, analysis instrument meter wheel, analytical instrument wheel, analytical instrumention caster, analyzer wheels, Anesthesia trolley casters, angiographic injector caster, Baby bed caster, Baby cart wheels, Baby crib caster, Baby crib wheels, Beauty Electrical bed wheels, Blood gas monitor wheels, Blood pressure monitor wheels, B-Model scan ultrasonograph caster, B-model ultrasound caster, B-scan ultrasonic diagnostic equipment caster, B-Supersonic diagnostic set caster, B-ultrasonic scanner caster, Childred bed caster, Clinic Trolley caster, Crash cart wheels, diagnostic and therapy instrument castor, Drug delivery cart wheels, Electric bed caster, Electric delivery bed wheels, Emergency machine caster, Emergency treatment bed caster, Endoscopic surgery casters, Endoscopy instrument casters, Full digital color doppler ultrasound diagnostic system caster, Hemodialysis hospital bed wheels, Homecare Electric bed caster, Hospital adjustable bed wheels, Hospital and Clinic manual bed caster, Hospital bathing trolley wheels, Hospital bedside cabinet wheel, Hospital Dirty clothing Car caster, Hospital Furniture wheels, Hospital Stretcher cart casters, Hospital Stretcher trolley casters, ICU bed wheels, ICU equipment casters, ICU transport treatment castor, Infant bed casters, injector machine wheel, IV treatment trolley casters, Kids bed wheel, Medical analysis instrument caster, Medical analytical Instrument caster, Medical apparatus caster, Medical appliance caster, Medical Bracket wheels, Medical cart caster, Medical device caster, Medical dispensing car wheel, Medical electronic apparatus caster, Medical Emergency vehicle casters, Medical facility wheel, Medical folding bed caster, Medical Holder casters, Medical instrument caster, Medical monitor wheels, Medical Nursing car wheel, Medical optical Instrument caster, Medical polysomnography casters, Medical stent casters, Medical support caster, Medical trolley caster, Medical ultrasonic apparatus caster, Medical Universal caster, Medical USCOM wheels, Medical wheelbarrow caster, Medical working table caster, Medical Workstation wheels, Medical worktable caster, medicine cabinet caster, Medicine cart wheel, Medicine delivery trolley wheels, Multi-Function clinic Cart wheels, Multi-Function medical bed caster, Multi-Function medicine delivery cart wheels, Multi-Function treating instrument trundle, Nursing Cart Caster, Orthopedic traction bed wheels, Patient bed caster and wheels, Patient handover cart wheels, Patient stretcher trolley caster, Patient stretcher wheels, Patient transfer stretcher caster for patient room, Patient trolley caster, Pet medica equipment caster, Recovery trunk wheels, Rescue carriage trolley caster, Sickroom bedside table caster, Splanchnoscopy wheels, Surgery exchange car wheel, Therapeutic apparatus caster, Therapeutic equipment caster, Transfusion cart caster, Transportation stretcher bed caster, Treatment trolley cart wheel, ultrasound machine caster, ventinator breathing machine wheels, veterinary anesthesia machine caster, Waste Collection trolley wheels,



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SHENZHEN X-WAY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Contact : Melissa Xu TEL/wechat/whatsup: 0086-136-3280-3610 Skype: melissaxu2013 Wechat: +86-136 3280 3610 Address: 3F,South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China

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