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Contact : Melissa Xu
Tel : +86 136-3280-3610
Skype : melissaxu2013
Wechat/whatsup: +86-136 3280 3610 
E-Mail: melissa.xu@x-waymedical.com
Address: 3F,South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Gankeng village, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China
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  Radiology & Imaging

60 Inches 60 Inch T shaped Coiled Low Pressure Extension Line Tube, Patient Tubing With for CT MR MRI Angiographic Injector Syringe System

PRODUCT NO.    600101  400103

PRODUCT NAME:   60 Inches 60 Inch T shaped Coiled Low Pressure Extension Line Tube, Patient Tubing With for CT MR MRI Angiographic Injector Syringe System


SHAPE:   T shape  

Length : 150cm 250cm

Connector: Female luer connector, male connector

PCS /CTN: 500pcs/carton  Bulk packing



Ref No. Type Production Description Length Market
400101 I Type CT Coiled Tube 150cm  180cm Asia, OEM
400102 Y Type CT Coiled Tube W/O CV ( For Single Syringe)
Or With 1 CV ( For Dual Syringe)
150cm  180cm Asia, OEM
400103 T Type CT Coiled Tube With 1 CVs 150cm  180cm Asia, OEM
600101 T Type MRI/CT Coiled Tube With 2 CVs  250 cm Asia, OEM
600102 Y Type MRI Coiled Tube With 1 CV 250 cm Asia, OEM
42.02.90001 I Type I Type Coiled Tube, ID 1.6mm 150 cm All 
42.02.90000 Y Type Y Tube with 2 CVs, ID 1.8mm 150 cm All 
42.02.90002 Y Type Y Tube with 2 CVs, ID 1.8mm 250 cm All 
42.02.90003 Y Type Y Tube with 1 CV, ID 1.8mm 150 cm All 
42.02.90004 Y Type Y Tube with 1 CV, ID 1.8mm 250 cm All 
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SHENZHEN X-WAY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Contact : Melissa Xu TEL/wechat/whatsup: 0086-136-3280-3610 Skype: melissaxu2013 Wechat: +86-136 3280 3610 Address: 3F,South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China

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