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Contact : Melissa Xu
Tel No.: +86 755-3282 5499
Mobile : +86 136-3280-3610
Skype : melissaxu2013
Whatsapp: +86-136 3280 3610 
E-Mail: melissa.xu@x-waymedical.com
Address:  3 Floor, South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Gankeng village, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China

5F 6F 7F 8F 9F 10F Medical Peelable Peel away introducer sheath sets kits, tear away catheter sheaths

Medical ON OFF 500PSI 250PSI High pressure three-way Stopcock valve, tee stopcocks adapter with female and male Luer connector device

Medical Angiography 1200PSI High pressure Braided connection tubing, extension connecting tube with femal and male Luer adapter connector, extend pipe

350PSI Low pressure check valve for CT MRI contrast agent connecting patient tubing, valve parts for angiographic tubes connector

96 inch coiled patient tubing low pressure Y shaped extension line tube for CT MRI angiographic high pressure injector syringe, connecting tubing with 2 check valves , 300-350 psi

Medical Anesthesia Rifampicin and Minocycline coated Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter, antibacterial CVC tube single lumen, double lumen, triple lumen

Medical New generation endoscope endoscopy Reusable Biopsy Forceps without needle, biopsy clamp

Medical endoscope surgical instruments disposable biopsy Forceps with needle with coat, biopsy grip, tongs, pincers pliers

Medical Brown or black special liquid medicine lucifugal extension tube, photopathy lightproof connecting tubing line

Brown or black Medical lucifugal extension tube, photophobic lightproof connecting line tubing photophobous

30-300cm customized medical extension tube, low pressure 300psi male to female luer lock connector pipe line, connection tubing

Steile Medical IV infusion Injection cap, medical accessories for needle free joint connector posiflow, clave swabable IV connector

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SHENZHEN X-WAY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Contact : Melissa Xu TEL: +86-755-3282 5499 3532 Mobile: +86-136-3280-3610 Skype: melissaxu2013 Whatsapp: +86-136 3280 3610 Address: 3 Floor, South Building, Jinhu industrial park, Buji town, Longgang district Shenzhen, China